Dyspraxia on film

This page contains links to the films which are made by the Dyspraxia Foundation or which we recommend.  To access any of these films click on the link, you will be taken to Youtube or some similar site to view the film.

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Dyspraxia Foundation Awareness film

Dyspraxia awareness film

A short film about Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia in the workplace Dyspraxia in the workplace film
 Living with Dyspraxia  Living with dyspraxia film
Fixers-Abi’s story Abi Hocking's film on living with dyspraxia
 Dyspraxia-  Fixers dyspraxia story on ITV London, November 2013  Fixers, dyspraxia sdtory on ITV London November 2013
 Dyspraxia-  Fixers dyspraxia story on ITV Anglia, February 2014  Fixers-Living with dyspraxia, on ITV Anglia February 2014
 Tree Fu Tom – BBC series with a hero with dyspraxia and special powers  Tree Fu Tom - BBC Cbeebies