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Youth (13 - 25)

Be informed, Be careful, BE SAFE. Here’s a selection of links that will help you stay safe online!

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Internet Safety – page 2


Zipit App –to help deal with sexting.

Sexting and sending nude images | childline

Made by ChildLine, Zipit aims to help deal with difficult sexting and flirting situations. The app offers humorous comebacks and advice and aims to help you stay in control of flirting when chatting.

  • Age: 12+
  • Cost: Free
  • Available on Andriod and Ios


What is Catfishing, what are the signs it might be happening to you and how to prevent it

Some popular platforms and safety feature advice:


How to stay safe whilst using TikTok


How to stay safe whilst using Snapchat:
Snapchat Safety Center – Snap Inc.



Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying advice | Bullying UK


Bullying and cyberbullying | Childline

Report it and block people
If someone’s harassing or bullying you online, you can report it on the site or app. Even if someone else has reported it, making a report yourself can make it more likely the content will be removed. Don’t reply to abusive messages or posts as this can make things worse.

Keep evidence
Keep a diary of what’s been happening and when, and take screenshots of online messages. This can help you prove what’s been happening.

Tell someone at school
If you’re being bullied by people at school, your school has a responsibility to support you. If you have screenshots or evidence of what’s been happening, show them to a teacher you trust.

Practise being assertive
Being assertive means standing up for yourself without being aggressive. It can help you feel more confident and in control when someone’s bullying you.

Get support from someone you trust
You don’t have to cope with bullying alone. Talking to an adult you trust can help you to find ways to stop the bullying. If you don’t know who to talk to, talk to Childline.

Take a break from checking messages
it’s natural to want to see what people are saying when they’re bullying you. But taking time away from your phone or device, even for a few minutes, can help you to feel calmer.

Reporting harmful content

You always have options and here you will find advice on what to do when things need reporting to higher authorities.

Report Harmful Content – We Help You Remove Content

How to remove a nude image shared online:


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