All Party Parliamentary Group on Dyspraxia


About the Group

The APPG exists to raise awareness of Dyspraxia/DCD and other neurodivergent conditions, and to share ideas and act as a link between Parliament and individuals, organisations and charities involved with this issue.

Please follow the work on the group on twitter at @DyspraxiaAPPG.

Members of the Group

Emma Lewell-Buck MP (Chair)
Tom Hunt MP (Co-Chair)
Sir David Amess (Vice Chair)
Lord Addington (Secretary)

Call for evidence

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Dyspraxia has launched an inquiry into the experience of dyspraxic people in the economy and wider society.

Parliamentarians on the group are seeking to collect evidence from a wide range of people, with a particular focus on:

  • The experience of dyspraxic people in the economy, and ways in which more supportive policies (such as clearer pathways to identification) could benefit the economy as a whole
  • The role of public services, including schools, further and higher education, health and local authority services, and programmes such as Access to Work
  • The experience of dyspraxic people during the coronavirus outbreak (including in schools)

The APPG’s inquiry will look at what steps need to be taken to ensure that dyspraxic people have a more supportive and inclusive experience, and make recommendations to Ministers. This evidence collection serves as a scoping exercise and evidence will be collected into key themes, examining the breadth of issues surrounding dyspraxia.

The inquiry would welcome evidence in particular from:

  • People with lived experience of dyspraxia, including dyspraxic adults, dyspraxic young people, and their families
  • Research professionals with an interest in dyspraxia
  • Medical professionals, such as occupational therapists
  • Educational professionals and bodies
  • Employers
  • Third sector organisations and voluntary support groups
  • Public sector organisations, including local authorities and Government departments

The APPG would welcome submissions that take a range of approaches, including personal accounts, case studies of successful approaches, and research and statistics on the issue.

While there is no word limit on submissions, it is anticipated that most submissions will be no longer than four pages. Whilst the names of organisations that submit evidence will be acknowledged in any report materials, no details that could be used to identify individuals will be published without explicit prior consent.

The deadline for evidence is 17:00 on Friday 28 August 2020. To submit evidence, please send it to:

If you wish to submit evidence in a different format for accessibility reasons, please contact and all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your request.

Contact details

The APPG’s registered contact is Emma Lewell-Buck MP (

The APPG’s secretariat is kindly provided by nasen – the National Association for Special Educational Needs. For more information, please contact

For queries relating to the APPG’s current inquiry, please contact


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