The application of Reasonable Adjustments for working adults with Dyspraxia and employment tenure outcome

The purpose of this research will be to gather details of Reasonable Adjustments offered to adults with dyspraxia by employers; to ascertain how useful participants felt these were; to capture bespoke adjustments valued by those with dyspraxia and to share these with others with dyspraxia.  The aim is to enhance employment tenure for those with dyspraxia through education regarding useful Reasonable Adjustments.

I am seeking 100 adult Dyspraxia Foundation members who have experienced employment, with the aim of obtaining a cross-section for gender, age, ethnicity, origin and occupation to capture unbiased data.

Participation in the study is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.  All data gathered will be anonomised and held securely on the survey site as detailed in the SurveyMonkey privacy agreement.  Data will be downloaded and analysed by the researcher and held securely and password protected.  Upon completion of the study, data will be stored on the secure University of Leicester Z drive.

This survey will be open for 4 weeks, closing on Friday 17th June.

The study will comprise of a series of questions, to be hosted on a secure website accessed via a link and subsequently analysed.  This will take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Participants will be offered debriefing following participation in the study.

Participant records will be kept confidential and will not be made publicly available.   If results of the study are published, identities will remain confidential.  Study results will be shared with the Dyspraxia Foundation.

Participants, who have any problems or complaints regarding the study, should contact the supervisor for this study: Catherine Steele, University of Leicester, CS589@LE.AC.UK .

This research has been approved by the School of Psychology Ethics Committee, The University of Leicester Occupational Psychology Department and the Dyspraxia Foundation.