Awareness Week 2020 – Free Facebook Lives!

We are proud to be announcing the first couple of free Facebook Live events for Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020 focusing on wellbeing
(4th-10th October 2020)
To attend, simply tune in on the day via our Facebook page – or click the links below each event below and confirm your attendance and Facebook will remind you when we go live! 

Facebook Lives with Jo Cowlin

Jo Cowlin is a transformational coach, facilitator and game changer. She has a passion for results and is dedicated to helping leaders realise their aspirations without compromising their wellbeing.  Whilst not an expert in Dyspraxia she is passionate about everyone of any age reaching their full potential.

She is passionate about learning and growth, and committed to results. She has done the work herself and knows how difficult it can be to look in the mirror, accept that something isn’t working and then have the courage to change it. So, yes, she can relate to the messy process that transformation can bring.

In a different life, she suffered corporate burnout, overwhelm and a lack of direction. She turned this all around, and created a way forward that brought the balance that she needed to thrive no matter what life threw at her. She is acutely aware of how stress without strategies that help you thrive not just survive can chip away at your self-esteem and self-worth. Resilience and a proactive approach to mental wellbeing is at the core of all of her work which is predominantly aimed at helping leaders and their teams refocus, regroup and rapidly adjust to change.

Monday 5th October – 1.30pm
3 steps to Successfully Nurture your child’s self-esteem and reduce anxiety

This 45 minute session has been created to help you think about how you can support your children and lay positive foundations to build self-esteem and minimise or reduce anxiety. Living with Dyspraxia (or any learning difficulty) can trigger a spiral of negative emotions for both the child and the parent. Tools and techniques to address this in an already uncertain world are critical. Join us to find out how by putting yourself first can help your child. We will be exploring strengths focussed conversations, the importance of role modelling and resilience building strategies. Jo will bring practical advice that you can implement straight away. The session will be approximately 30 minutes, with 15 minutes Q&A.

Monday 5th October – 7.30pm
Dyspraxia a lifelong condition – Self-care strategies to fuel your success

This 45 min session has been created to approach to help you re-evaluate your approach to self-care and thrive not just survive. Success means different things to different people. It can mean getting off the bus at the right stop or cooking a meal for friends right through to positive relationships at work or a challenging career move. Whatever it means to you, it involves YOU engaging with your best self and connecting with your personal power. This session will show you how to increase awareness with regards to your needs, how to meet them and create and maintain healthy boundaries.