Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2016

Dyspraxia in the workplace: hidden challenges, hidden assets

Dyspraxia Awareness Week | 9th-15th October #dyspraxiaweek

Dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder (DCD), is a common disorder of childhood affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults. It is a lifelong condition and is formally recognised by international organsations including the World Health Organisation. Whilst DCD/dyspraxia is primarily a motor disorder, many individuals may also experience difficulties with memory, perception and processing along with poor planning, organisation and sequencing skills which can have a significant negative impact on everyday activities. It can also affect articulation and speech.

This year the Dyspraxia Foundation which is the only National Charity devoted to raising awareness of the condition is focusing on employment.

Around 3% of the adult population are affected, but poor awareness and limited support mean that many adults with dyspraxia have experienced discrimination or difficulties in the workplace. As a result, employers and organisations are not benefitting from the unique skills and perspectives that employees with dyspraxia have to offer.

Worryingly, 68% of employees who chose not to disclose their diagnosis did so because they were concerned they would be discriminated against. For some, the decision not to disclose was made because they had experienced discrimination or workplace bullying previously.

Celebrating Dyspraxia/DCD - 18th October

On Tuesday 18th October we joined together in London to celebrate Dyspraxia/DCD. The event attended by a wide variety of talented people with Dyspraxia, including Jamie Lambert from Collabro, classical singer Stephanie Guidera and a number of members from our Dyspraxia Youth Group.
Ten members of the youth team appear in our brand new Dyspraxia Awareness Video - 'Dyspraxia Youth Speaks' which premiered on the night and can be viewed below. This video was recorded and edited entirely by our youth group, please watch and share and spread the word of #Dyspraxia.

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Dyspraxia/DCD Through the Ages Conference

St Martins House, Leicester, Wednesday 30th November 2016

Join us for a full days conference for parents, professionals and anyone with an interest in dyspraxia/DCD, either personally or professionally (or both!)

Learn about ‘DCD Through the Ages from Research to Practice ‘ with Professor Amanda Kirby, explore practical strategies and resources with Barbara Hunter with her lively ‘Something Old, Something New’ presentation and hear about ‘Living with Dyspraxia: From Adolescence to  Adulthood’  with Jonathan Levy, who relives his experiences as a young adult with dyspraxia/DCD.

Tickets start from £60. Members of the foundation receive a 10% discount. Fee's include delegate packs, refreshments and lunch!