Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020

Wellbeing; Dyspraxia a Lifelong Condition

4th - 10th October 2020

Join in with the conversation with #dyspraxia20

Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are changing our usual focus for awareness week to focus across our entire community on wellbeing. As well as our usual case studies, gathered from you, we will be delivering a range of high profile free Facebook lives throughout the week as well as the many other community events which are already planned to take place. Get involved in the conversation with #dyspraxia20 as we continue to get the message out that dyspraxia is a lifelong condition.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week - Day 7 (Saturday 10th October)

As well as it being Dyspraxia Awareness Week, today is World Mental Health Day!

In 2018, during awareness week and in response to our survey data, we published an updated information sheet for parents on how they can support the mental health of their teenagers with dyspraxia.

Our website also has a range of resources and free downloadable information sheets covering a range of topics, which can be viewed on our Information Sheets page.

Reminder, we've had a series of free Facebook Live events from helping your own mental health, to cooking hacks! If you missed them don't panic, you can view them all on our Facebook page, so be sure to give us a like too so you can be notified when we go live again!

Dyspraxia Awareness Week - Days 5 & 6 (Friday 9th October)

A blog and free online book to mark Dyspraxia Awareness Week

Maia Ross is a 17 yr old student living in Toronto, Canada and a member of the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Group. Maia along with Isobel Wallace worked on the design of the group’s cookbook ‘Dyspraxia Youth Cookbook’ - available for free here

Maia has written two blogs for Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020.

Life Update -Dyspraxia and Well-being; a blog about she has found balancing schoolwork and my well-being this past year. https://dyspraxiaxox.wordpress.com/2020/10/06/life-update-dyspraxia-and-well-being/

‘Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020’; the second blog includes a free download of a book which Maia has been compiling for the campaign over the past few months. It includes prose and poetry from a variety of dyspraxics who she has reached out to (including youth group members). All of the pieces are about either what dyspraxia means to them or the impact of dyspraxia on their daily life and some general contributions from those who offered to submit a piece to the final book, included some from Maia herself.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week - Day 4 (Wednesday 7th October)

Happy Wednesday!

Last night we had a very relaxed and understanding chat with Mike Jefferies from Birmingham Mind, discussing Trying to stay mentally well in the pandemic with our chair Sophie. Lots of great discussion and tips, if you missed it, don't panic as you can watch it again on our Facebook page!

This evening, we are yet again bringing you another live, get those creative cooking minds working as we welcome Jenny Tschiesche with Simple Kitchen Hacks! We're LIVE on Facebook from 7.30pm, simply pop in on our Facebook page and join in!  


Dyspraxia Awareness Week - Day 3 (Tuesday 6th October)

The week speeds along, and we find ourselves on Day 3 already!

Yesterday, we delivered two successful Facebook Lives with Jo Cowlin. If you missed them you can catch up with them in your own time.
'3 steps to Successfully Nurture your child's self-esteem and reduce anxiety' and
'Dyspraxia a lifelong condition - Self-care strategies to fuel your success'

Today brings us yet another Facebook Live, at 7.30pm this evening please join us on Facebook with Mike Jefferies from Mind Birmingham.

Tonight we focus on 'Trying to stay mentally well in the pandemic'.
Mike has worked for Birmingham Mind for over 17 years and currently manage training/presentations/workshops that we take into workplaces/organisations/Universities etc. Delivering a percentage of it himself including being a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor.
Mike is a Dyspraxic Adult and we first met him at the adult conference in Oct 2019 in Birmingham. As an undiagnosed adult and he feels like covid has postponed that question for him. Mike says "as you’ll have heard from countless people over the years I’m sure, I can’t drive/swim/ride a bike/ shoelaces are a struggle etc. And I often process things in an interesting way! So has my essentially lifelong anxiety stuff been a response to that? Or am I looking for a reason that I won’t ever find? Again hardly a unique journey! (Well other than my unique bits!!!)"
This Tuesday we are also sharing a range of wellbeing tips from our members and the wider community.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week - Day 2 (Monday 5th October)

It's day two! It's an exciting one today as we are delivering not one, but two, Facebook Lives with the incredible Jo Cowlin!
At 1.30pm join ourselves and Jo with '3 steps to Successfully Nurture your child's self-esteem and reduce anxiety'and again at 7.30pm for 'Dyspraxia a lifelong condition - Self-care strategies to fuel your success' - all free via Facebook! We are looking forward to you joining us - simply click the links above 🙂

We are also continuing to bring to you, stories of well being experiences. Today's amazing story comes from Karen sharing her lock-down experiences with her 10 year old.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week - Day 1 (Sunday 4th October)

In a slight change to previous years, this year we are bringing you a range of wellbeing experiences, all submitted by our community who want to share their own personal stories with everyone. We will be bringing you a range of these wellbeing experiences throughout the week!

Click the link below, to read the first set of our wellbeing experiences, answering 'What daily routines help you?' 

Free Facebook Live Events


Jo Cowlin is a transformational coach, facilitator and game changer. She has a passion for results and is dedicated to helping leaders realise their aspirations without compromising their wellbeing.  Whilst not an expert in Dyspraxia she is passionate about everyone of any age reaching their full potential. Resilience and a proactive approach to mental wellbeing is at the core of all of her work which is predominantly aimed at helping leaders and their teams refocus, regroup and rapidly adjust to change.


Monday 5th October – 1.30pm
3 steps to Successfully Nurture your child’s self-esteem and reduce anxiety

This 45 minute session has been created to help you think about how you can support your children and lay positive foundations to build self-esteem and minimise or reduce anxiety. Living with Dyspraxia (or any learning difficulty) can trigger a spiral of negative emotions for both the child and the parent. Tools and techniques to address this in an already uncertain world are critical. Join us to find out how by putting yourself first can help your child. Jo will bring practical advice that you can implement straight away. The session will be approximately 30 minutes, with 15 minutes Q&A.


Monday 5th October – 7.30pm
Dyspraxia a lifelong condition – Self-care strategies to fuel your success

This 45 min session has been created to help you re-evaluate your approach to self-care and thrive not just survive. Success means different things to different people. It can mean getting off the bus at the right stop or cooking a meal for friends right through to positive relationships at work or a challenging career move. Whatever it means to you, it involves YOU engaging with your best self and connecting with your personal power. This session will show you how to increase awareness with regards to your needs, how to meet them and create and maintain healthy boundaries.


Tuesday 6th October - 7.30pm
Trying to stay mentally well in the pandemic

Mike Jeffries is Training Manager at Birmingham Mind and joins Chair Sophie Kayani for an interview around mental well being and coping strategies across the age ranges.

Wednesday 7th October - 7.30pm
Simple Kitchen Hacks

Jenny Tschiesche (pronounced Teeshee) is one of the UK's leading nutrition experts and the founder of LunchboxDoctor.com, a hugely popular brand. Jenny delivers sought-after workshops globally to workplaces, sports teams/clubs, and schools. She has worked with leading brands and health campaigns including BBC Sport, Sport England and Cancer Research UK. A gifted speaker and presenter, Jenny is also a regular contributor to the national press, BBC radio and TV. She is an inspired and inventive cook with a focus on simple, nutritious and delicious food. Her recipe book SHEET PAN COOKING, (March 2018) is a delight for anyone interested in easy, healthy family cooking. In addition Jenny has written a book on GUT HEALTH AND PROBIOTICS which demystifies what is both a complex subject and one of the hottest health stories of the 21st century. Her third book is on the new Instant Pot cooking phenomenon - THE MODERN MULTI-COOKER COOKBOOK (September 2018). Jenny's fourth book REAL LUNCHTIME FOOD was published in 2019. Her latest book is called MODERN VEGETARIAN INSTANT POT COOKBOOK and is out on 9 February 2021.

During this 45 minute session Jenny will share tips and tricks to help you plan nutritious meals more easily. She will show you ways to avoid weighing and measuring ingredients and how to avoid copious amounts of chopping and food prep whilst never compromising the taste and health of a dish. As an expert in one pot cooking Jenny will demonstrate a couple of one pot dishes to inspire you to create similar dishes in your own kitchen.