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As Dyspraxia Awareness Week draws to a close for another year we would like to thank you for your support this week. We’ve had a lot of support on social media, and lots of people have joined in the week with blogs, events and a lot lot more! Remember Dyspraxia is around us 365 days a year, so never stop making people aware of dyspraxia! more

Dyspraxia Diffusion:A Dyspraxia Foundation Helpline Service (2013-2016)

A grant from the Big Lottery Fund for £166,000 in 2013 meant the Dyspraxia Foundation was able to launch a three year project to offer a dedicated helpline service, facilitate workshops in Birmingham and Manchester, translate the most popular information sheets into different languages, invest in a PR Company to manage an annual awareness campaign and employ a full time Information Officer. more

Dyspraxia Foundation working with Acas on neurodiversity in the workplace

Acas (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) has published a new research study on ‘neurodiversity at work’, which the Dyspraxia Foundation contributed to last year.  The research seeks to identify policies and practices which help people with dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia and ADHD get work and flourish within a diverse workforce.  It is based on case studies of two organisations who are good practice employers, coupled with expert testimony from a number practitioners operating in the field, among them the Dyspraxia Foundation, the British Dyslexia Association, National Autistic Society and ADDISS.  Many of these practitioners have also contributed posts to a series of themed blogs to accompany the publication of the Acas research, including Sally Payne and Richard Todd, both Dyspraxia Foundation trustees.  You can read their blog entry here: more

Need advice about dyspraxia and employment?

Need advice about dyspraxia and employment? As part of our awareness theme for Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2016 we are delighted to be sharing two new information sheets for you use.

Our new factsheet for those seeking employment and for those already in employment is now available to download. This includes useful information about when applying for work, disclosing your dyspraxia and helpful advice when you have employment. more