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Welcome to the new Dyspraxia Foundation Website!

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Welcome to the new Dyspraxia Foundation Website!

We are extremely proud to be launching the new Dyspraxia Foundation website today. The website development has taken a little longer than planned due to the recent pandemic. Our limited resources had to be spent on moving the team from office to home-based working to enable the charity to run throughout the pandemic.

Our new website is written to the latest standards. A couple of features to note is that the website is significantly more accessible, please check the disability menu which is shown on the right side of the screen to customise the site to your needs. We are now fully mobile too! The website will now properly load on whatever device you are accessing it from! So please check it out on your mobile and tablet devices!

This website will continue to be a live document. By this, we mean that we plan to continue to add and adapt the website based on feedback from our members, focus groups and end-users. If you have any comments, please e-mail – Please note that you might not get a reply from this but be assured that every comment received will be taken on board.

Known Issues:

Online Shop – our online shop will be returning as soon as possible. Due to the pandemic our shop was closed, our volunteers have returned to head office and are presently checking stock levels and weighing every item to ensure delivery costs are correctly calculated.

Members Area – This new website now allows a modern membership system where each member can have their own username/password and allow them to manage their own accounts. We’re working on new membership pages and benefits which we plan to launch to both new and existing members before the autumn.

Upcoming Updates:

Next Week – We will enable new memberships to be bought online alongside taking donations. The delay for this is due to technical difficulties with payment providers and the plan with existing members.

We would like to thank TMORPH design & print for their patience and understanding during this development and to those who have donated to this project.

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