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The Dyspraxia Foundation was delighted to receive a grant from the Adult and Community Learning Fund in October 2011 for a project (Dyspraxia Dynamo) to increase the employability and self-advocacy skills of adults with dyspraxia and to raise awareness amongst employers of the challenges faced by people with dyspraxia in the workplace.

A series of 5 highly successful workshops, delivered in partnership with Richard Todd from Key 4 Learning were held across England in winter 2011/12 and attended by over 75 adults with dyspraxia. As well as learning about their condition and strategies for success in the workplace, participants also benefited hugely from meeting others with similar experiences as these comments illustrate:


“I felt empowered attending the workshop and I was amazed at how many other people had suffered in the workplace due to their disability” – Shabana, Manchester


“Allowed me to meet other people with dyspraxia and feel normal. Allowed me to feel that having dyspraxia is not all about struggling and can be very positive” – Polly, Reading


“Hearing the difficulties of others made me realise I wasn’t the only person struggling. It has helped me make a future plan of attack to join the workforce with confidence” – Matthew, Worcestern


“I feel very confident about trying these new skills. I also feel I have the skills to reach my goals – they no longer feel so far away” – Anon, Newcastle

The film below illustrates the impact of the workshops.

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As part of the project we have developed an Employers Guide providing information to enable employers to better recognise and support people with dyspraxia in the workplace. This document was written by professionals with extensive experience of supporting adults with neurodiverse conditions in the workplace and incorporates feedback from workshop participants and those who attended the Dyspraxia Dynamo Stakeholder event in March 2012. We hope that this innovative resource will bring better understanding of dyspraxia to people involved in employment, so that the talents of people with dyspraxia are nurtured and developed to the benefit of the individual and the organisation.

Use this link to download The Employers’ Guide.

Further information about the Dyspraxia Dynamo project can be found here