Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2017: ‘Child friendly definition of Dyspraxia/DCD’

New Information Sheet: A child friendly definition of dyspraxia/DCD

Oliver 7 yrs: ‘I’m just the same as everyone else I just work harder at things everyone else can do quicker making me unique ‘

We are proud to be launching a brand new information sheet aimed at parents, teachers, SENCO’s and professionals working with children this Awareness Week on ‘A child friendly definition of Dyspraxia/DCD’.

As well as a child friendly definition, we asked our followers on social media on how their children describe their Dyspraxia/DCD and we have added them to this often humorous but realistic definitions on how they see their Dyspraxia.

Please download our Information sheet and share it with your child’s school, teachers, SENCO and whoever else you feel appropriate as we aim to increase the awareness of Dyspraxia/DCD at primary schools as our findings show that many staff are still unsure about Dyspraxia/DCD.