Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2018: Case Study – Marian

Marian talks about her experience of supporting her 11 year old son

My Son has always been difficult in nursery and school situations. He is always getting into trouble with teachers. I believe that is because he ‘looks normal’ and has always been very tall. They say that he talks when he shouldn’t, doesn’t pay attention, lacks concentration, fidgets, doesn’t sit up straight, makes noises, etc.

I believe that because he’s quite smart academically. His behaviour and how he interacts, they think is deliberate.

The last letter received from the school describes him as ‘low level disruptive’.

I have tried to work with the school as much as possible but they do not acknowledge this condition. At home he needs more attention and consideration than my other three children. It can be very exhausting. I don’t have the same issues with him that the school report. However, I do need to organise him and check that he completes his daily activities.

He seems not to engage well socially because he is slow to respond to questions etc., but then, he says something that shows he’s more aware than he seems. We have followed OT advice and have always kept him active which has helped with his motor skills. He also plays two musical instruments which he has been quite successful with. He has a small group of good friends at primary school none of whom are going to secondary school with him (Sept. 18) so I am worried about how he will settle in. I also worry about his future.

Despite this, he is happy and has got great support from his brothers and sister.

This awareness week is really important as most people I meet are not aware of this condition.