Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2018: *Updated* Driving Information Sheet

To start day 6 of Dyspraxia Awareness Week, we are proud to bring to you our updated Drivers Information Sheet!

The information sheet has been updated, and includes lots of tips and advice about taking that step of learning to drive with Dyspraxia/DCD.

Learning to drive is a challenge for many, and for those with dyspraxia it can be especially daunting. From concentration and hand-foot coordination to judging speed and distance and sequencing, driving makes heavy demands on some of the core dyspraxic weaknesses. Many people with dyspraxia are unaware of the support available to them as learner-drivers or even unsure whether they can or should drive.

We hope everyone of all ages will find our updated driving information sheet helpful!

Download the updated Dyspraxia Foundation Information Sheet on driving here