Dyspraxia Foundation response to DfE statement

A response to the following statement made by the Department of Education issued on Friday, 13th October 2017

A Department for Education spokesperson:

We know how important it is that children with medical conditions are supported to enjoy a full education. That is why we introduced a new duty to require governing bodies to make arrangements to support pupils with medical conditions and have provided statutory guidance outlining schools’ responsibilities in this area.

“This year, we are providing £500,000 to the British Dyslexia Association, in partnership with Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, Patoss, the Dyspraxia Foundation and Manchester Metropolitan University, to provide support for children and young people with dyspraxia, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.”

Further Information:

We made fundamental changes to the support available for children with special educational needs and disabilities to make sure families are at the heart of the process. We are helping councils to implement these changes through £223m of additional funding over four years, and are closely tracking their progress to ensure families and schools are getting the support they need. All teachers are already trained in how to support children with special educational needs as part of their teacher training.

A response on behalf of the Dyspraxia Foundation

We were delighted to be part of the DfE Project that received funding to provide training about specific learning difficulties in schools.   The training took place in 2016 and training materials are still available on the website https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/spld-project-2016-17/

Dyspraxia Foundation received only £10,000 of the £1/2 million funding for the project which has now concluded. Dyspraxia Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to supporting people with dyspraxia and calls on the DfE to provide equality of access to support and funding for dyspraxia/DCD alongside other developmental disorders.