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The vision of the Dyspraxia Foundation is a world in which dyspraxia/DCD is understood and where the condition is not a barrier to opportunity and fulfilment.

2018 marks the 30th anniversary since we started raising awareness of dyspraxia. We’re proud of our achievements but as a forward-thinking charity, we’re already focusing on the next 30 years.

To make a great start, over the next 12 months we are aiming to raise £30,000, broken down, that’s £1,000 for every year of our existence.

Who are we? - A brief history of the Dyspraxia Foundation

30 years ago, two mothers came together with a vision of a brighter and more understanding future for their sons. They’d met at a physiotherapy group for what was then known as ‘clumsy children’ and they found that their sons both had motor development difficulties, but without a clear reason or diagnosis. After later being told that their children had dyspraxia, they were dismissed to discover that no facilities existed to help or inform parents about the condition.

They responded to a BBC radio programme which highlighted the condition and were quickly swamped with letters and phone calls from people desperate to find others in the same situation. These two mothers worked hard to respond to every letter and every phone call and from then the Dyspraxia Trust was formed. 30 years later, the Dyspraxia Foundation as it is now known, remains the UK’s only registered charity dedicated to supporting people of all ages with dyspraxia and is regularly consulted by education and health professionals.

Get Involved with #Dyspraxia30

However you get involved, make sure you create your own personal JustGiving page and link it to our 30th Anniversary Appeal! Create your page for free at https://www.justgiving.com then get in touch with us at information@dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk or post on our Facebook page or tweet us @DyspraxiaFDTN so we can tell everyone what you are doing and to inspire others to get involved!

Feeling Sporty? Why not run, swim, bike ride or even just walk for Dyspraxia? We also have events such as the Virgin Westminster 10k and Parallel Events in 2018, keep an eye on our website for more! Need inspriation see our fundraising pages!

Use PayPal to make a direct donation to #Dyspraxia30 or to pay us your fundraising initiatives.

Did you know you can donate to the Dyspraxia Foundation by simply searching the internet, buying your usual online shopping and even just by booking a table restaurant - all at no additional cost to you? Check out our fundraising pages for more information and sign up for free!

Text DYSX16 (space) £5 or £10 to 70070 to donate to Dyspraxia Foundation and make a difference today. JustTextGiving by Vodafone.

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