30th Anniversary Appeal: The Next 30 Years

We’ve achieved so much over the last 30 years and our efforts are definitely paying off….

Awareness is increasing and more people with dyspraxia/DCD are getting the support they really need, but there is still so much more to be done.

We want to build on all that we have achieved so far and over the next 30 years expand our services to further increase understanding of dyspraxia/DCD and reach out to many more people who need us.

We want to change the fact that….

  • dyspraxia/DCD is poorly understood and many people haven’t even heard of it
  • there is a Lack of clear pathways for diagnosis of adults
  • there is a lack of information and advice around higher education
  • there is a lack of services and support for teenagers and adults
  • there is a lack of understanding in the public sector
  • there is a lack of recognition in government departments
  • there is a regional variation in clinical pathway for diagnosis of children
  • provision of therapy for children is patchy
  • teacher training related to dyspraxia/DCD is limited.

We believe there should be a place of excellence for the assessment and treatment for children and adults. This includes the development of a series of online training opportunities for professionals working in schools and further education.

We want to increase services to our growing youth membership and respond to their needs, offering young people the opportunity to share experiences and create resources that will be relevant and welcome to that age group (13-25 years)

We want to produce a range of resources to encourage the improvement of physical activity in children.

Everything we do will take our closer to achieving our vision of a world in which dyspraxia/DCD is understood, accepted and not a barrier to opportunity and fulfilment. Through achieving this, all those affected by dyspraxia/DCD will be enabled to achieve their full potential in life and contribute fully to society.

Thank you all for your continued support….