Supporting individuals and families affected by dyspraxia/DCD


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Dyspraxia – Building A Toolkit For Resilience – From Surviving to Thriving training course


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Join the Dyspraxia Foundation and Victoria English for a specialist training course for people with dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder/DCD). Whether you have a diagnosis of dyspraxia/DCD or not, or whether you work with or support someone with dyspraxia, this training course is designed to build resilience and better mental health through practical support, techniques and evidenced-based practice.

In this half day interactive course participants will not only learn how to comprehend dyspraxia/DCD better but also understand how this neurodivergence can impact one's mental health, learn strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology to enable greater resilience. The toolkit uses coaching, journaling, activity scheduling and self compassion activities, all with a proven evidence base to improve wellbeing.

Tickets cost £75 for general admission, Dyspraxia Foundation members get 10% discount - sign up to be a member today!

Victoria English is an award winning speaker, lecturer and mental health consultant specialising in mental and emotional health, neurodiversity and corporate wellbeing.

Visit her website to find out more by clicking here.


Why is it not a free workshop?

The Dyspraxia Foundation is pleased to be able to offer lots of free resources, but we do have to charge for certain things to enable us to continue delivering our services.

The 'Building a toolkit for resilience' workshops really do offer great value for money - it's not just a session where you listen to a presentation about wellbeing, you'll get guidance and input throughout to help you maximise the toolkit for you and practical resources provided after the session to put into practice everything you've learnt to make the positive change in your life.

Victoria English has a wealth of experience and expertise in this field, and delivers high-quality, evidence-based content. Take a look at her website for more information

What will be covered in the session?

Take a look at this short video on our Facebook channel that outlines some of the main aspects of the workshop:


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