FBLive: Studying & Working Remotely

Join us for a free Facebook live on Tuesday 23rd June at 7pm with the wonderful Kerry Pace chatting about Studying and Working Remotely for adults and young adults with Dyspraxia. 

Kerry has worked from home in her business, Diverse Learners (www.Diverse-learners.co.uk)  for more than 10 years. I use Skype, Zoom and video to provide 1:1 study skills support, parental support, coaching for people in work and training for organisations all from home.

I am ideally placed to share my experiences and tips in this time of COVID where so many of us now found ourselves working and studying from home and to explore the benefits and opportunities it presents and the challenges we be experiencing.

I have dyspraxia and so do my 2 children – 1 living independently in the same town as me and one in the middle of GCSEs. Therefore, I can share my professional experience as well as my lived experience, that of my girls and those of the people I support all over the world. It is important that we note that no 2 experiences are the same and each person’s lived experience is valid although it may be different than our own.

The Facebook Live session aims to be a safe and supportive space where people can share and seek help. With this in mind and the current social and political state of the world any language deemed abusive or threatening by me and/or Dyspraxia Foundation will receive a reminder of expected behaviours and/or a warning and/or be removed / blocked.

I am happy to answer your questions during the Facebook Live session. You can ask a question by typing them in the message box on Facebook. I am happy to receive questions beforehand via membership@dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk or via twitter @DYSPRAXIAFDTN and I will include top tips in the session to help you address them.

See you on Tuesday 23rd June at 7pm on https://www.facebook.com/DyspraxiaFoundation