Focus: A new magazine for Dyspraxia/DCD

Authors Janet Taylor and Martha Jayne are pleased to introduce ‘Focus’; a regular newsletter for members of the Dyspraxia Foundation with an interest in dyspraxia in adulthood.

We have decided to honour Mary Colley’s memory and entitle this e-magazine ‘Focus’ after a publication produced by Mary for DANDA (Developmental Adult Neuro-Diversity Association). The first issue of this magazine will be FREE for anyone to download.   After this, each issue will be available on the member’s only section of the Dyspraxia Foundation website    Focus will be published four times a year and packed with; practical advice, information, poetry, lived experiences, useful contacts and photography.

This magazine is written by Dyspraxics for Dyspraxics.  

We want to:

  • Empower Dyspraxic Adults by encouraging them to get involved in this project.
  • Encourage adults with dyspraxia to join the Dyspraxia Foundation.
  • Bridge the gap between adults with dyspraxia and the Dyspraxia Foundation. We want to have a voice in the work of the Dyspraxia Foundation and help them influence employers and policy makers.
  • Raise awareness of Dyspraxia and promote a deeper understanding, not just amongst ourselves but also in society as a whole.

Contributors include:

  • Members of the book group Dyspraxic Adults Surviving in a non-Dyspraxic world.
  • Trustees of the Dyspraxia Foundation
  • Adult Panel members from the Dyspraxia Foundation
  • Editors are Janet Taylor and Martha Jayne

You can download the first publication of Focus for FREE by clicking here, future magazines are for members of the Dyspraxia Foundation only. You can join today for less than £3 a month!