Funky Friday 16th October 2015

funky friday

16th October 2015

“Is it a battle of the sexes?”

This year, the national awareness campaign tackles a growing issue of girls, teenagers and young women ‘slipping through the net’, in terms of early diagnosis.Picture1 Such a delay (although, many struggle through school, university and even in the workplace, without ever receiving a diagnosis) can have a huge impact on these lives of women and their families.

The Dyspraxia Foundation will be dedicating its 2015 Awareness Week to unpicking the factors that stop so many young girls from seeking help or that simply encourage them to conceal their symptoms.

The charity’s second Funky Friday on 16th October gives you the chance to get involved and raise funds and awareness of dyspraxia by simply wearing your most bright, bold or just plain funky item of clothing to work or school.

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