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Our sincere thanks to all the wonderful supporters of the Dyspraxia Foundation. Many of you are taking up personal challenges including runs, cycling, walks, swims and other sponsored events to help raise awareness and vital funds for dyspraxia/DCD!  Here are just a few who have decided to support the charity they care about and their stories about why they chose to get involved!

We would love to hear about your fundraising events! Please send information and any fundraising links to information@dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk and we will get back in touch and add you to this fundraising page. Thank you for your amazing support!


Matt & Rosie
Matt is a trustee of the Dyspraxia Foundation and his girlfriend, Rosie, was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of four. We both still hear misunderstandings about the condition and are taking part in events across 2017 to raise awareness of Dyspraxia/DCD and anxiety/mental health.

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Natalie Williams
Last year I walked 10k for the Dyspraxia Foundation. This year I have decided I want to challenge myself even further and jog parts of it too! My Dad will also be joining me for this years event!

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Chris Williams
Last year I watched and photographed my daughter, Natalie, walk 10k through London for the Dyspraxia Foundation. We then both took part in Parallel London's 10K through the Olympic Park. We completed it in 1hr 37m. This year I've decided to join her again in the British 10K through the streets of London, and this time jogging will be involved!!!

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Matthew Lewis
I don't even run for the bus, so doing a 10k run is going to be interesting. But I'm doing this to raise money for a good cause, the Dyspraxia Foundation.

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Caroline Crollick
Most of you know that I have had a difficult few months which I am trying to rebuild through some hard work, and I am now refocusing on my running. I am wanting to beat my personal best of 1:16:52

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Max & Tom
Inspired by the TV coverage of the London Marathon we both decided to sign up to the British 10k, despite neither of us being able to run!

We will be running for the Dyspraxia Foundation which is a charity close to my heart. They have supported my brother who has dyspraxia as well as my parents and the help they have given has been invaluable.

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Lynne Hughes

My running buddy,Scott and I are attempting to complete the first ever Stirling Marathon. I want to celebrate being 50 and he is helping me train and believe!!

I am fundraising for this charity because it has helped myself and my family quite a bit. It is a little known charity but helps many families who are affected by Dyspraxia.

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Mennat Elsherif

I'm running the Colour Obstacle Rush for Dyspraxia Foundation because awareness needs to be raised.

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Gareth Hendy

I am going to try and raise funds for the Dyspraxia Foundation as many of you know i have Dyspraxia, it took me till i was 18 to ride my bike so as a goal for next year i have set myself a huge challange of riding 100 miles in a day.

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George Maxwell

On July 1st I will attempt the Childrens Tri at Eton Dorney, consisting of a 200m open water swim in the 2012 Olympic rowing lake, a 5.3k bike ride and a 1.8k run.

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Suzanne & Darren

The Dyspraxia Foundation were invaluable to my Sister and my Nephew. The advice line meant someone was there to give practical help completing statements to help Blake get the support he needed at school. Local Support groups meant my Sister and Blake could meet with other children who had Dyspraxia and their parents and discuss things such as dealing with bullying and building up his confidence.

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Kelly Wallwork

Kelly is running in the Great North Run for the Dyspraxia Foundation.

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Roo Butterill

I've had the pleasure of knowing Holly who has dyspraxia for a few years and it's sure to say she's a gem who has a special place in our families heart. She's a cheeky cocker sparrow who is often wrongly misunderstood. Thankfully she has the greatest family and friends supporting her and her family.

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Clair Webb

I've decided to try and raise some money for the Dyspraxia Foundation. As many of you know this is a condition my son suffers with. I thought this would be a fun way to raise money. Please support if you can.

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Karl Culleton

Our Son Ryan was diagnosed with Dyspraxia several years ago. Dyspraxia is a lifelong condition that affects coordination and a persons ability to process a sequence of events effectively; it often affects the fine motor skills and balance for a person.

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Nigel Girling

At the age of 10 Ellie has now been formally diagnosed with Dyspraxia. It has been years of uncertainty, frustration and stress for both Ellie and us as parents.Now we know, and are aware of Dyspraxia we can understand things a whole lot better and deal with them in the right way.

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Andrew Kinchington

I am Running the great south run on oct 22nd. for Dyspraxia Foundation because my son is living with this hidden disability.

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Kieran Wassell

I know what the support of the Dyspraxia Foundation means and how together we are not only stronger but more able to support each other. The Foundation is the only national way to support people, adults, children and families who are living with dyspraxia and even just knowing you are not the only one is a great comfort as well as knowing that there is research, shared information and support for people affected by dyspraxia.

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Kate Battrick

My sister Sophie has just taken on the role as Chair of Trustees for the Dyspraxia Foundation. You may not know but Dyspraxia is a condition very close to my heart, with my nephew Zak being diagnosed at the early age of 6.

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Simon Whelband

I am running the Virgin British 10k for Dyspraxia Foundation because I want to raise awareness and raise some money!

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