Dyspraxia Foundation Local Groups


Co-ordinator: Jessica Winter-Riley

Email us or call - Web:

Adult and Parent/Carer Support


Co-ordinator: Ian Woollams

Email us or call 07710 443318 (Availiablity varies, if no answer try again later or e-mail) - Web: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1447786752182731

Hello my name is Ian Woollams and I am the local area co-ordinator for Cheshire. Please email me to become a member of my emailing group for all future notifications.
I have a Facebook page for parents & careers; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1447786752182731/
I offer phone support evenings after 7pm 07710 443318. If there is no answer please try again. I work late Tues and Thurs evenings so can’t take calls those times. Or you can email me at

County Durham

Co-ordinator: Natalie Dullage

Email us or call 01325 741708 - Web:

Adult and Parent/Carer Support


Co-ordinator: Elaine Tickner

Email us or call 01228 539194 - Web:

The aim of the Dyspraxia Foundation Cumbria Support Group is to provide practical support, friendly faces and advice for those who have experience of dyspraxia themselves  or as a parent /carer of a child with dyspraxia.


Co-ordinator: Alison

Email us or call - Web:


Co-ordinator: Rachel Pettit

Email us or call - Web: Childrens Activity Group


Co-ordinator: Karen Millachip

Email us or call 07763 190350 (Thursdays 7pm-9pm) - Web:

Parent/Carer and Child Support

Kent (South East)

Co-ordinator: Claire Maderia

Email us or call - Web:

The Volunteer Co-ordinator is: Claire Maderia email her using the link above . Non members are welcome to attend the group for no more than 3 ‘taster sessions’, after this membership to the Foundation is required for insurance purposes. In addition, members of the Foundation are sent a list of other members in their area; receive a regular newsletter and discounts for books, literature, conferences and events. Also included in our membership is access to our ‘Members Only’ part of the website which includes a forum to share ideas and support.

Lancashire (East)

Co-ordinator: Wendy Howarth

Email us or call - Web:

Our Local Co-ordinator is Wendy Howarth Wendy is a parent of a child with dyspraxia and happy to offer support and advice locally. Please email her using the link above.


Co-ordinator: Jane Bohen

Email us or call Tel: 01530 245928 (evenings & weekends only) Mob: 07739734465 - Web:

London – Central

Co-ordinator: Sheila Clark

Email us or call 07795 572372 – Monday and Friday before 3pm - Web:

Sheila Clark is the new Volunteer Local Co-ordinator for the Dyspraxia Foundation – Central London area – offering much needed support to families with children with dyspraxia. She particularly feels that there is a gap in the provision of sports and arts clubs for children who are dyspraxic, so would like to organise lots of events to keep children motivated and active, as well as ways for parents to share information and socialise together. If you would like to obtain further information about the group or would like to volunteer to assist with any events, social media or as treasurer please contact Sheila via the email link or telephone number below.

London - Hillingdon


Email us or call - Web:

We are a small friendly group who have all gained a lot from knowing each other. We also raise awareness in our local area, and are involved in the Hillingdon Parent Carers Forum. We will be having regular Coffee mornings, and soon we will have evening meetings. More details to follow. We welcome suggestions for activities (or fund raising ideas) from all members of the group. Any help is much appreciated as well. Contact the group using the email link above.

London - Lambeth

Co-ordinator: Gavin Hoole

Email us or call 07813 375196 (Mondays, Tuesdays & 1st Saturday of the month) - Web:

London - North

Co-ordinator: Isabel Janner

Email us or call 07771 891901 (Monday – Friday only 9.30am – 12 and 7.30pm -8.30pm) - Web:

Parent / Carer support.


Co-ordinator: Claire Burrows

Email us or call - Web: Parent/carer Support Group


Co-ordinator: Sophie Negus

Email us or call - Web:

Adult Support

North Wales/Shropshire

Co-ordinator: Jayne Evans

Email us or call - Web:

Jayne Evans co-ordinates the North Wales and Shropshire Group.


Co-ordinator: Julie Lambert

Email us or call - Web:

Our Local Co-ordinator for Oxfordshire is Julie Lambert Please email Julie using the link above.


Co-ordinator: Isabella Naylor-Leyland

Email us or call 07767 886868 - Web:

Welcome to the Peterborough Dyspraxia Group. We offer email and telephone advice. You can email the Peterborough group using the link above. We have had conferences for teaching and health professionals. We lend a sympathetic ear!


Co-ordinator: Della Shanahan

Email us or call 01372 702984 (Mon to Fri – 6.00pm to 8.30pm Saturday 10.30am to 5.00pm Please only call within these hours) - Web:

The volunteer local coordinator for Surrey is Della Shanahan.
You can email her using the link above where she is happy to offer support and advice locally.
I no longer run any group meetings. Members of the Foundation are sent a list of other members in their area and receive a regular newsletter.
I offer phone support on the number above for evenings and on Saturdays.

Wales South East

Co-ordinator: Catherine Purcell & Sally Scott-Roberts

Email us or call Tel: 01633 856176 - Web:

The South East Wales parent support group launched on the 31st January 2016, following a considerable gap in provision in the area. Parent feedback suggested they were looking for peer support and advice and the groups’ inaugural parent meeting was held on Wednesday 16th March. The group hold monthly activity sessions / events for children. The group are now pleased to be able to offer an ADULT support group in addition to the Parent support group. For information on meetings and activities for either group please contact Catherine or Sally by phone or email

West Midlands

Co-ordinator: Helen & Imogen Rowe

Email us or call 07757 101520 - Web:

Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm
Saturday & Sunday

West Yorkshire


Email us or call - Web:

West Yorkshire group is currently on a break, we will be returning shortly.


Co-ordinator: Helen Lippitt

Email us or call - Web: http://www.dizzkidz.co.uk

Dizz Kids / Dizz Teens

We have an activity club on a Wednesday evening at Worcester University Campus for children with Dyspraxia. The group runs from 6.00pm until 7.00pm. There is Trampolining with an experienced Coach, basketball with Coaches from the Worcester Wolves and other different activities each week (eg: cricket, rounders, badminton, etc). The children are split into different ages ranges and enjoy no pressure activities in a very non-competitive environment. They are a really nice group of children and do really enjoy coming along.

The cost is £3 per week payable at the start of each half term. Parents stay with their children so a great opportunity to chat to other parents or to enjoy some of the activities with your children. Helen Lippitt runs the Dizz Kids/Dizz Teens sessions so please contact her for further information. (Available after 5pm anyday)

For further details please visit http://www.dizzkidz.co.uk

Yorkshire (Hull and East Riding)

Co-ordinator: Gillian Greenway

Email us or call - Web: Parent & Adult Support Group

Yorkshire (South)

Co-ordinator: Tracie Croft

Email us or call Tel: 07580 129907 (Tues after 7pm, Thurs after 8pm, Friday 12pm-3pm) - Web:

Hi, I am Tracie and I am a mum of a little boy with dyspraxia . As a local coordinator I am hoping to support both adults and children. My aim is to raise awareness within the South Yorkshire area and to set up a support group who can meet up and offer support and help to one another, especially moral support and help spread the message that Dyspraxia does not need to have a negative impact on our lives but we can gain inspiration from others in the same situation.

Local groups that need a Co-ordinator

Unfortunately we do not have a local co-ordinator in the following areas.

Please contact Lisa at head office for details of your nearest local group or if you are interested in becoming a local co-ordinator, ask Lisa for a role description.

Call 01462 455016 or email the office for more details.

All members of the Foundation are put in touch with other members locally and full details of our membership packages are available from our online shop.

Areas that need coordinator are available from the office