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Are you a sports fan? Get involved in research to understand the needs of neurodiverse sports fans.

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The Dyspraxia Foundation has recently been approached to support a project to find out how sports clubs can make their stadia more accessible to people who are neurodiverse. The research is being conducted by NatCen Social Research, an independent and non-profit institute, on behalf of the Sports and Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) and Level Playing Field (LPF).   The research project has been approved by the Foundation’s Research Panel of Advisors.

Taking part in the research would involve:

¨ Speaking in a small group discussion (focus group) with other fans and a NatCen researcher on a 90-minute video call in February.

¨ If you prefer not to participate in a group, you can also take part in a 45 minute telephone or video interview with a NatCen researcher.

¨ You will receive a £30 gift digital gift voucher as a thank you.

The research is interested in the experiences of neurodiverse sports fans when attending live sports events. They are seeking to recruit people who have dyspraxia and who are sports fans. It does not matter if the individual does not attend live sports events regularly or at all, as they also interested in understanding why people may not attend.

Please contact NatCen direct if you are interested and include your telephone number  .  The researchers will then contact you to ask you a few questions about yourself, the sports events you attend and anything you might need to help you participate in the study.

Closes: Monday 8th February 2021.

Click here to download the full information sheet on this study. 

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