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Dyspraxia Foundation launches Crowdfunder


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49% of people with dyspraxia surveyed by Dyspraxia Foundation claimed that they struggled to find or stay in employment for a range of reasons – including being bullied or discriminated against.

From Jonathan Levy, Chair of the Dyspraxia Foundation.

From a young age I was singled out for being different and name-calling was an all too familiar part of growing up. In school, I was the last to be picked for anything and certain lessons such as maths and design and technology lessons filled me with fear, as I was singled out for struggling more than others. Privately, I felt inferior, and I longed for better, so in whatever form it came, the abuse and belittling I received fuelled my drive and ambition to succeed in life. As the years progressed, although I never enjoyed education much, I started to care less about what others thought of me, and I decided to do things my way. I recall one teacher writing in her end of year report that I was one of the most determined pupils they’d ever met; they perhaps saw something in me that others didn’t until years later.

Having been diagnosed with dyspraxia from a young age I’ve long felt, what I now know to be true – that although officially dyspraxia is a disability, I see it as an attribute that strengthens me. It’s most likely the reason I’m often described as being a great listener who is very empathetic and has a sharp sense of humour.

So, for those who have been put down, told they won’t achieve their goals, missed out on a diagnosis, me and the Dyspraxia Foundation team hear you. As the organisation’s Chair, and first and foremost as someone living with dyspraxia, I’m wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that Dyspraxia Foundation is there to support all those affected by dyspraxia not just today, but in the future for many years to come. The truth is though, we can only sustain and develop our services because of kind people like you. 

I know times are currently challenging, but thanks to the National Emergencies Trust, we can apply for matched funding of whatever we raise through this crowdfunder up to £20,000, making your kindness go even further! 

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