Oxford Brooks University – Research

The lived experience of road crossing in adults and children with Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia

At Oxford Brookes University we are looking for adults (16+ years) with DCD / dyspraxia and parents of children with DCD / Dyspraxia to complete our questionnaire about road-crossing experiences. We would also like to hear from children with DCD / Dyspraxia but we need to hear from their parents first.

If you would like to take part then please do follow the link below – this will take you to a website with detailed information about the study, from there you can access the questionnaire.

If you are a parent of a child with DCD / Dyspraxia you will also be asked if you are happy for your child to take part.


If you have any questions please do get in touch with Kate Wilmut at k.wilmut@brookes.ac.uk

If you previously completed this questionnaire, we thank-you for your time, but please don’t complete it again.