Supporting individuals and families affected by dyspraxia/DCD


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What Is Dyspraxia?

Positive Stories

A variety of people with personal experience with dyspraxia were asked for their stories so that we can show that there is a positive side to living with dyspraxia and that sometimes the experience leads to a greater resolve and desire to do better and achieve.

Tom’s story

I was born on August 31st meaning that I started school when I had only just turned 4. Bearing in mind that I am dyspraxic this made the start of...
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Sarah – a determined young person

I am Sarah; I am almost 22 and was diagnosed with mild dyspraxia when I was around 10/11 years old. In July 2011 my sixth form teacher asked us if...
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Rosie’s story

Ever since I was a child, difference has always surrounded me. I’ve always been very tall and if you add to that a mix of clumsiness and lack of coordination,...
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Maxine’s story

From an early age, there was a sense something might not be quite right with me. I was an exceptionally premature baby and needed several life-saving operations. At primary school,...
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Leighton’s story….via his Mum

Leighton was born very very early, in fact, 11wks early. On his 2nd day, we were told he wouldn’t survive. He would stop breathing up to 30 times a day...
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Kieran’s story

I was born twenty-seven years ago and my first couple of years at primary school were very difficult as I couldn’t do the cutting and arty things you do at...
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