Ideas for Dissertations

The Dyspraxia Foundation is often asked for ideas and support for Dissertations and Research Projects. The following suggestions have been drafted by our Medical Panel and will be added to periodically.
  1. Study of co-morbidities with other sensory modalities e.g. auditory/visual due to defective central processing. A structured assessment of these functions to ascertain the difficulties that children with dyspraxia often experience with sensory processing.
  2. Are dyspraxic children with sensory processing difficulties being recognised and given appropriate support or being streamed with others whose difficulties stem from a different source?
  3. What leisure activities do young people with dyspraxia enjoy?
  4. What do dyspraxic children perceive provides the most help? the input being by any individual or organisation.
  5. Does participation in a handwriting programme make a difference to a child’s handwriting in class?
  6. How do young people with dyspraxia feel about their therapy assessment/treatment?
  7. How do you measure confidence and self -esteem in a young person with dyspraxia?
  8. What is the evidence to say that young people with dyspraxia have difficulties with self-care activities?

If you are interested in any of the above suggestions or would like advice or support from the Foundation’s Medical Panel regarding your dissertation or research project, please email or write to The Dyspraxia Foundation Medical Panel, 8 West Alley, Hitchin, Herts SG5 1EG