Supporting individuals and families affected by dyspraxia/DCD


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Physiotherapists are concerned with motor development which in turn influences intellectual, social and emotional development.

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For Professionals

This page is for professionals working in education, health, employment and elsewhere who have an interest in dyspraxia/DCD. It includes general information and resources that may be useful across disciplines and with people of all ages.

DCDQ 07 – this coordination questionnaire can be completed by parents/carers of young people aged 5-15 years as part of a diagnostic assessment. Note that it cannot be used alone to confirm a diagnosis – further assessment is required.  Information about the DCDQ, its development, administration and scoring can be found here:
Parent Questionnaire Designed to Screen for Coordination Disorders in Children – DCDQ – The Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire

GP Letter about diagnosis

GP letter re diagnosis – this template is for professionals who need the involvement of a GP to rule out other possible explanations for a person’s coordination difficulties as part of the diagnostic process.

Download GP Letter about diagnosis

Assessment for diagnosis of DCD in adults

Assessment for diagnosis of DCD in adults – this Dyspraxia Foundation document summarises the clinical practice recommendations for the diagnosis of DCD in adults which were published by Blank et al (2019). It describes tools and approaches that can be used to decide whether a person meets each of the four diagnostic criteria.


Download Assessment for diagnosis of DCD in adults

ACD Checklist

The ADCD checklist – this checklist can be completed by people aged over 16 years and finding used as part of a diagnostic assessment. The checklist has two sections – the first captures information about motor difficulties experienced in childhood, and the second explores current functioning. Instructions for administration and scoring are provided separately (see below).

Download ACD Checklist

ADCD checklist - instructions for use

The Adult DCD/dyspraxia Checklist (ADCD) instructions for use – Instructions for administering and scoring the ADC checklist – see above

Download Adult DCD Guidelines

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