I have dyspraxia and I am having problems coping at work. What can I do?

If you are in a large company there will probably be a diversity representative. If there is, this a good place to start. Go and explain the difficulties you are having. Other individuals you could speak to could be; your line manager, a union representative or a member of the Human Resource team. The Government also runs a scheme called Access to Work. You can visit or phone your local Jobcentre Plus and ask for the Disability Employment Advisor who will discuss with you ways in which they can help. Sometimes individuals find it hard to discuss difficulties. It is important to try and identify someone in the organisation that you work in to act as mentor, advocate or buddy. It is also important to identify whether you are recognised as having a disability in the context of the Disability Discrimination Act, as this changes your legal rights. However remember that most good employers will be keen to help and understand your disability as a duty of care.