Research Study – Human Movement

My name is Mirela Ivanova and I am a Research Assistant at the Motor Development and Impact (MoDI) Lab at the University of Surrey. I am an undergraduate Psychology student and I am currently in my Placement Year. The research I have been investigating this year has focused on Dyspraxia/ Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). I have been working alongside my supervisor Judith Gentle and we would like to invite you to take part in our research study, which is investigating the effect of people’s movement coordination patterns on social perceptions.

We are conducting online research in the School of Psychology investigating how we perceive the biological movement of others. Participants will view point-light animations of individuals completing a range of everyday movements and will then be asked to complete a short questionnaire based on their observations. You May Qualify If You

· Are between 18 and 65 years old
· Are an Individual with ASD, Dyspraxia/DCD or Typically Developing