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classroom%20guidelinesAs Dyspraxia Awareness Week draws to a close for another year we would like to thank you for your support this week. We’ve had a lot of support on social media, and lots of people have joined in the week with blogs, events and a lot lot more! Remember Dyspraxia is around us 365 days a year, so never stop making people aware of dyspraxia!

We finish the week with a range of links of resources that you might find useful!






Early Years Guidelines

Primary Classroom Guidelines

Secondary Classroom Guidelines

Post 16 Strategies

Dyspraxia in Adults

Adult Diagnosis of Dyspraxia

Late Diagnosis

Dyspraxia on the workplace – A Film

Working with Dyspraxia – a Hidden Asset

Available on Amazon – Kindle Version

Dyspraxic Adults Surviving in a Non Dyspraxic World by Janet Taylor and Mary Morris £9.99

Dyspraxia:  The Foundations by Gill Dixon               £6.60


The Dyspraxia Foundation has an online shop.  See for a SALE of books and goods.  All costs include postage and packing.

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