SEND Review Guide – a school led approach to improving provision for all

The SEND Review Guide, part-funded by the Department for Education and produced by teachers and school leaders, is now available to download for free from LLS-SEN-Review-Guide-v21. The SEND Review Guide was created in partnership with over forty outstanding special and mainstream schools and parents/carers of children with SEND as well as organisations such as Contact a Family, Ofsted, the Council for Disabled Children, the Institute of Education and the Teaching Schools Council. It is powered by the London Leadership Strategy (LLS), a not for profit organisation created by school leaders for school leaders to transform schools and improve outcomes for children.

The Review Guide is based on the Pupil Premium Review and can be used by all schools to audit their own SEND provision. It is, however, most powerful when used as part of a programme of school-to-school support. A direct response to the increasing gap in outcomes between students with SEND and their peers, the Review Guide was created with the purpose of empowering schools to improve their SEND provision. It is made up of a paper-based audit, examples of good practice, guidance on how to carry out a review of SEND provision and self-evaluation templates. The Review Guide is free for schools to use and schools are able to partner with other schools to use the Review Guide with minimal costs.

The aim of the Guide is to ensure that children and young people with SEND are:

  • Visible in their school
  • Supported in their learning
  • Included in decisions about the teaching they receive.

Based on a school-to-school support model and with a focus on improving outcomes for all pupils, the Review Guide will continue to embed a culture of inclusion, collaboration and support within education.

David Bartram, LLS’s Director of SEND and co-author of the Review Guide, said: There has always been a wealth of expertise in our schools and this Guide draws on some of the best practice in SEND that already exists within the system. Our aim has been to produce a practical framework for schools to self-evaluate their provision and promote purposeful, focused collaboration between schools in the area of SEND.” 

Maria Constantinou, Deputy Headteacher at St. Mary’s Primary School in London and SEND Leader, said: “Supporting another school has had an immense impact on me as a practitioner. The coaching dialogue with colleagues has always aimed to be pragmatic, positive and empowering, resulting not only in reflection about other schools’ practice, but also on the nature of SEND practice in my own setting”. To find out more information or request a white label version of the Review Guide, please visit or email