New series of Doctor Who reveals character with Dyspraxia

As initially reported by entertainment website DigitalSpy the new season of Doctor Who has a character with Dyspraxia.

The first episode of the new series, ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth‘, which premieres on Sunday 7th October (during Dyspraxia Awareness Week) reveals that Ryan (played by Tosin Cole) has dyspraxia.

Speaking at the launch of Doctor Who‘s new series in Sheffield, Chris Chibnall (Lead writer and series producer) said: “We did a lot of research into that, we worked with the Dyspraxia Foundation… it was important, because people live with these things.

“It’s a relatively common thing among kids, so I think it’s important to see that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. That’s the most important thing about Doctor Who and you will see that [idea] happen a lot across this year.”

The new series of Doctor Who, which for the first time has a female doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, premieres on BBC 1 at 6.45pm on Sunday 7th October.

You can learn more about Dyspraxia during Dyspraxia Awareness Week – 7th to 13th October – by joining the Dyspraxia Foundation as a member, and getting involved in our 30th Anniversary Celebrations.