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This book, written by and for adults with dyspraxia offers a wealth of information and practical strategies to address the daily challenges experienced by adults with dyspraxia in all areas of life. Previously considered a disorder of childhood, dyspraxia (a form of developmental coordination disorder) is now recognised to affect individuals across the lifespan. Despite this, awareness and understanding of dyspraxia in adulthood is limited. To address this gap in knowledge the editors of this book, who both have dyspraxia, set up an on-line discussion group for adult dyspraxics to share their experiences and coping strategies. Their aim was to write a book that focused on the issues that matter to adult dyspraxics, share coping strategies and provide reassurance to other adult dyspraxics that they are not alone in experiencing life as they do. Many individuals have contributed to the development of this book, providing real-life examples of challenges and strategies. Their quotes are used throughout the book. Chapters include being diagnosed as an adult, over-lapping conditions, the social and medical models of disability, emotional well-being, communication skills, numeracy and handwriting. As well as highlighting recurring struggles, the book also draws attention to positive aspects of the condition. This book is essential reading for adults with dyspraxia, whether diagnosed in childhood or as an adult, to family members who want to develop a better understanding of the condition, and anyone else who is interested professionally, personally or academically in dyspraxia in adulthood.

The book is dedicated to the life of Mary Colley (1953-2010), mentor and advocate for adult dyspraxics and former member and Trustee of the Dyspraxia Foundation.




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