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'My Friend Josh has Dyspraxia'  

By Christine Draper and Illustrated by Antonella Cammarano

ISBN 978-1-909986-19-0

A picture book to help children understand dyspraxia.   Narrated by a friend, the book talks about how dyspraxia affects Josh at school and at home.

Dyspraxia Foundation Member, Karen says "The author has dedicated this book to her son who has dyspraxia and it is very clear througout that she has first-hand knowledge of the conditon. As my own son read it he kept saying 'Thats me' on turning each page. I like the positivity of this book.  Yes, the author has covered how children with dyspraxia can struggle but she has also mentioned upsides.   Both my nine year old son and I would recommend this book to children to explain about dyspraxia and how it can affect daily life."



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