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This toolkit was developed by the Dyspraxia Foundation for parents/carers of young people with dyspraxia (also known as developmental coordination disorder – DCD), a condition that affects gross and fine motor coordination in children and adults and that can also affect speech, organisational and planning skills, memory and perception. The toolkit offers a wealth of information and practical suggestions to help parents address the daily challenges experienced by children with dyspraxia/DCD at home, at school and in their leisure activities. The techniques and tools included in this toolkit will help parents/carers build their child’s independence and resilience, ensuring they can reach their potential in all areas of life. Chapters include information about dyspraxia/DCD; accessing professional help; how parents/carers can help at home; working in partnership with schools; supporting your child’s wellbeing; and supporting your child’s participation in social and leisure activities. This toolkit is essential reading for parents/carers of children who have dyspraxia/DCD, for parents/carers of children who are waiting for an assessment, and for parents/carers who are concerned about their child’s motor/organisational development and who want to do something ‘while they wait’ for professional assessment or support.




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