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Dyspraxia Keyring Card £2.50 + p&p

A simple, clear overview of dyspraxia to help others understand and accept the differences it can bring.

'I have dyspraxia: a neurological condition which doesn't affect intelligence, but can affect: planning, organisation, spatial awareness, time keeping, balance, coordination and movement control (eg., writing, eating, speaking), sensitivity to: touch, noise, bright lights and/or movement.

Everyone is affected differently, I need time and space to do things in a way that works for me.'

This card has a white back so you can customise it with a sticker of useful information specific to you, or things that may help in a particular situation.

Laminated, 110 x 80mm cards, with a hole punched in the top left hand corner to allow attachment to keyring.

Wipe clean, water resistant and durable.

Colours may vary slightly from colours shown.



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