Please support the Dyspraxia Foundation Christmas Appeal 2015!

You can get involved by following these 3 easy steps;


Take a photo of yourself wearing a Christmas hat and holding up a piece of paper thanking people who have made a difference. This could be:

Ossie Rainbow– thanking a person that has made a difference to you or to someone you know who has dyspraxia


– thanking someone that you know with dyspraxia that has made a difference to your life.

Then either post your photo on to our Facebook page, email it to or tweet it to us. We will then post the photos on to our Facebook timeline and our Twitter page.

STEP 2          

Text “HATS02 £x” to 70070      (please key in HATS then 0[zero]2[space]£x)

The £x denotes that you can donate any amount you wish. We suggest £3, £5 or £10. (Please key in £ followed by the figure that you would like to give).

As well as spreading awareness we invite you to make this voluntary donation to enable the Dyspraxia Foundation to continue supporting all those affected by the condition. The Dyspraxia Foundation is the only national charity in the UK supporting people affected by dyspraxia and is funded entirely by voluntary donations and membership subscriptions. Funds are essential if we are to continue publishing literature, organising conferences and providing support through local groups, social networks and helpline. We would be very grateful if, after sending us your photograph, you could please send a text donation to help us continue this vital work.

STEP 3    Change your profile pictures on social media to our specially commissioned Dyspraxia Foundation Christmas logo.DF xmas logo

We really want to spread the word about dyspraxia and raise awareness across social media. When we all changed our profile pictures during this year’s Dyspraxia Awareness week we reached thousands of people on Facebook by the end of the week – we would love it if our fantastic supporters could join together to help make it happen again this Christmas!

Every penny that you donate will go to the Dyspraxia Foundation!