Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision

The Dyspraxia Foundation welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Green Paper consultation on mental health provision for children and young people.

To support our submission, we carried out an online survey from 2.2.18 to 25.2.18 which was promoted to our 1000 members and via our social media networks. The survey asked for
detailed feedback on questions included in the consultation. We received 227 responses to our survey from 172 parents/carers of people with dyspraxia and 55 adults with dyspraxia.

Of the 172 parent/carers who responded to the survey, 75 had accessed specialist support for their child’s mental health while 12 adults with dyspraxia had accessed specialist support for
their mental health as a child. 77 adults or children of parent/carer respondents had a diagnosable mental health disorder. By far the most common diagnosis was anxiety. Other
diagnoses included depression, anorexia, mutism, bi polar and PTSD.

Please click here to download our full response.