University of Surrey – Research

The Motor Development and Impact Lab (MoDI Lab) at the University of Surrey would like to invite you to volunteer for a study investigating motor and cognitive processes. The study investigates the processes in the brain that facilitate the control of movement and performance on learning tasks.

You can take part in the study if:
– You are over 18 years old
– You have a diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) or dyspraxia, or you have a reason to believe that you may have DCD or dyspraxia
– You do not have a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety disorder, depression or any other neurodevelopmental, neurological or psychiatric disorder
– You are not currently taking any medication for ADHD, anxiety or depression

To find out more information please download the attached document and contact the University directly.

Thank you.