Westminster AchieveAbility Comimission – Report

The Dyspraxia Foundation are proud to have taken part and provided evidence for this report by the Westminster AchieveAbility Commission. The full report can be downloaded below.

Richard Todd, Dyspraxia Foundation Trustee was involved with providing information for this report. He has written his own summary which can be downloaded here.

A ground-breaking report is being launched TODAY on Monday January 22nd by the Westminster AchieveAbility Commission (WAC) and then released into the public domain. Over the period of a year, WAC has gathered evidence on systemic barriers to employment for millions of potential employees who are neurodivergent (i.e. dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic and/or with Attention Deficit Disorder).

This significant study from the Westminster AchieveAbility Commission on Recruitment is aligned with the government’s stated aim of increasing the
number of people with disabilities in employment, set out in the Improving Lives Green Paper (2016) and Command Paper (2017). There could be no better time to highlight the abilities and workplace support needs of the large neurodivergent population and point to better recruitment and retention practices, for the benefit of the national economy.

– 43% of survey respondents felt discouraged from applying by job application processes.
– 52% claimed to have experienced discrimination during interview or selection processes.
– 73% did not disclose their condition during interview – of those that did, 58% regretted it, feeling this led to discrimination.
– On-line job applications which don’t allow assistive technology and use of spellcheckers bar neurodivergent applicants from accessing jobs.
– Employers are breaking the law (Equality Act 2010) when they fail to implement reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

Download the full Press Statement

Download the full report