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About us

In 1987, two mothers met at Great Ormond Street Hospital when their sons were diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (dyspraxia). They realised there was not enough support and awareness of dyspraxia and decided to change that. They wanted to create a community that could come together to support one another. This was the beginning of what is now called the Dyspraxia Foundation.

Today, Dyspraxia Foundation is the only national charity offering support and information about dyspraxia. Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, we have almost 1,000 members within the dyspraxic community across the world.

Our vision is for all people with dyspraxia to recognise and reach their full potential at every stage of their lives.

Our mission is to create a society in which dyspraxia is understood and not a barrier to opportunity and fulfilment.

We do this through universal, targeted and specialist support and services. This includes:

Information and advice

  • High-quality, evidence-based information and resources
  • National helpline service
  • Online and in-person events

Professional resources

  • Training sessions for professionals in education, healthcare and employers
  • Supporting research into dyspraxia

Community support

  • Local support groups
  • Dyspraxia youth network
  • Local events

Advocacy and awareness

  • Campaigning for greater awareness, understanding and support
  • Annual Dyspraxia Week campaign
  • Engagement with government and policy makers

Find out about the Dyspraxia Foundation and our mission.

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Help & Support

Find all the different ways the Dyspraxia Foundation can help and support you, from our helpline service, local groups and FAQs.

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News & Events

Find all the latest news from the dyspraxic community here, as well as upcoming events.

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