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Supporting your child with dyspraxia

Find practical strategies you can use to support your child with dyspraxia.

The Dyspraxia Foundation may have a local group in your area that can offer support and connection with other parents and carers. Find out if there is a local group near you.

Explaining dyspraxia to your child can be difficult. We have written a child friendly definition that you may find helpful:

Dyspraxia (some people call it DCD) means that your brain is ‘wired up’ differently. It is a very clever brain that somehow has got ‘mixed up’ and that means that things to do with moving, learning and perhaps speaking too are harder for you.

It is not your fault and there are lots of ways to help you master the things you find difficult. You should be very proud of how much harder you work all the time in everything you do.

It is important that you know that you are not lazy, stupid, difficult or slow, and that you might at times feel angry because you get muddled or find some things so much harder than other people do. Things like writing or doing fiddly things like tying up laces, or riding a bicycle or games at school. Your thoughts and words might sometimes get jumbled up and you might know what you want to do but somehow just can’t do it. You might forget things too.

These things happen because your brain works in a different way to most other people (like a super power that no one else has). It has very real strengths and you will probably be more creative, funny, and kind to others. You are full up with lovely qualities.

Dyspraxia doesn’t go away but, with help, you can learn to live with it really well and can overcome many of the difficulties it causes. You are dyspraxic and FANTASTIC!


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