We support individuals and families affected by dyspraxia. Please help by supporting us:

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Demand for our services is increasing, and at the heart of what we do, we aspire for a society in which those with dyspraxia are enabled to achieve their full potential in life. We simply cannot accomplish this goal without the generosity of people like you, and that’s where our Friends of Dyspraxia can make a real difference.

Together we can make a real difference to the dyspraxia community – not just today, but tomorrow and the day after. Your continued kindness as a Friend of Dyspraxia provides real hope and gives a voice to those with dyspraxia.

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A little can go a long way


  • Just £3 a month pays for calls to the Dyspraxia Foundation helpline to be answered and provide all important information to a family or person with dyspraxia to feel listened to and empowered.
  • Just £5 a month pays for a local group leader to have ongoing training to positively impact dozens of people with dyspraxia in their area feel connected and supported.
  • Just £10 a month pays for ongoing research into dyspraxia and training provision for educators and healthcare professionals to better support the people they work with.
  • £25 a month helps pay for our growing our nationwide network of local dyspraxia groups, providing that vital in-person support when things are feeling overwhelming.
  • £50 a month helps pay for our highly recommended in-person conferences and virtual webinars, with a range of high quality guest speakers and relevant topics.


  • £10 a year could provide a friendly ear at the end of our dyspraxia helpline.
  • £25 a year could support more informative and practical webinars on dyspraxia.
  • £50 a year could go towards helping young people thrive through the dyspraxia youth group.
  • £100 a year could go towards supporting the set-up a of new volunteer-led dyspraxia support groups across the UK.

In return for your generosity as a Friend of Dyspraxia, you will receive regular updates from the Dyspraxia Foundation about how your support is shaping the future of the charity and making a positive difference to the dyspraxic community. We’ll also send you an exclusive Dyspraxia Foundation car sticker.


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