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Cathy Mungall-Baldwin: A Remarkable Journey of Music and Resilience


Discovering Strength Through Adversity

In the heart of Scotland, amidst the rolling hills and ancient castles, resides a remarkable woman whose life journey has been shaped by both triumphs and challenges. Meet Cathy Mungall-Baldwin, a 47-year-old singer-songwriter, flutist, and advocate for disabled talent.

Living with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Cathy’s story is one of resilience and creativity. She has lived with dyslexia and dyspraxia throughout her life, although her official diagnosis came at the age of 42. These conditions have presented hurdles, but Cathy’s determination knows no bounds. Despite her impairments, she has penned an entire album’s worth of songs, each reflecting the unique lens through which she views the world.

A Symphony of Challenges

But Cathy’s journey doesn’t end there. She faces a constellation of other health challenges: two hip replacements due to Avascular Necrosis, a spinal injury, and Fibromuscular Dysplasia, a chronic arterial disease that led to a stroke in February 2022. This stroke intensified her dyslexia, leaving her with profound fatigue, short-term memory impairment, and reduced concentration.

Jelephant: A Band with a Unique Melody

Cathy’s passion for music shines through her band, Jelephant. This 6/7 piece folk-pop ensemble blends jazzy fusion with heartfelt lyrics. Not only does Cathy sing her own compositions in English, but she also weaves folk songs in Icelandic, Finnish, and Sámi languages into their repertoire. Their demo caught the attention of Ian Oliphant on Celtic Music Radio FM, who dubbed them “a band to watch for the future.”

Gigs Across Scotland

Jelephant’s journey began with a debut gig at Bannerman’s in December 2023. Now, they’re taking their music to new heights. Cathy and her bandmates are gearing up for gigs in Perth and Lower Largo (Fife) this week. But mark your calendars for the grand event: on April 27th, 2024, they’ll light up the stage at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art, performing Cathy’s latest compositions.

Northern Streams Folk Festival: A Celebration of Talent

Cathy’s commitment to music extends beyond Jelephant. At the Northern Streams Folk Festival, organized by the Scottish Storytelling Centre, she’ll perform alongside three bandmates under her own name. On April 26th, 2024, she’ll grace the festival stage, and on the following day, she’ll lead a song learning workshop. Her passion for sharing music and stories knows no bounds.

A Call to Organizations: Spotlighting Disabled Talent

Cathy’s journey inspires not only music lovers but also those who champion inclusivity. She and her band are reaching out to organizations working with individuals facing similar impairments. They’re asking: Would you be interested in featuring Cathy’s story in your website, newsletter, or publications? Let’s celebrate disabled talent and give her gigs a wee plug.

Living Fully, Despite Restrictions

Cathy’s life is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the power of music. She continues to live fully, embracing each note and lyric as she defies limitations. As she advocates for disabled artists, Cathy reminds us all that our passions can transcend any obstacle.

To follow Cathy’s musical journey and catch her upcoming gigs, visit Jelephant’s website and mark your calendars for their electrifying performances.






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